London – Grand and elegant

The largest city in Europe, has plenty to offer, shopping, pubs, attractions, museums and much more. London exudes glory, the people are friendly and helpful. What is striking is how polite and helpful people are. The adults on the trip can turn into one of the many centuries old pubs in the city.

The Gay Hussar

In the afternoon you can often see regulars who always go in for a beer or three on the way from work. The city is so big that you do not have any special “tourist places” as you find in many other places, here the tourists are more scattered. If you are bringing children the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not is a mandatory stop on the trip. There’s no denying the fact that many go to London for shopping, the possibilities are vast. Do you want to limit the shopping-time and spend the most money in the shortest possible time, a visit to the Westfield shopping center can be recommended. Otherwise there are the well known tourist destinations like the London Eye, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and many more. It may take some time to set everything on a weekend in London, there is a lot to see and a large area. The city has been the capital of the world for hundreds of years and it is easy to see, many great buildings and gilded details. The day should naturally start with a real English Breakfast which you can find all over the city.

London is easily accessible and there are plenty of good hotels. Clearly a city that should be high up on the list of preferred destinations for most people.

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